Nick's (and other's) Unix Tips, Scripts and Programs

yep. Most of this is ksh. Much of it will work with minor tweaks under sh or bash. Most of it was developed on OpenBSD's pdksh, much of it has been used elsewhere.

The stuff offered here is with no claim of mastery or expertise. If I'm better at this than you, you might learn something. If you are better at it than me, you might get a laugh, and maybe you will teach me something. If you think I'm better than you, I might lead you down some really bad roads. You have been warned!

Scripting tips

Scripts not worthy of a logo, mail list and website

This stuff is mostly here for my convenience. There is no website, there is no cool logo. There is no mail list or forum for support. I am not calling them an "Internet Project". You are on your own here. I don't intend most of these to be used blindly as-is. Most were developed on OpenBSD, but even then, I make assumptions about my environment that may or may not be accurate in yours. Blind use of these scripts may result in dataloss or bad decisions. If you don't understand what they do and how they work, don't run them. If you make a change to them that makes them work significantly better for you, feel free to let me know, I may add your changes. If you have questions, let me know, I may take the time to answer them. Do not expect on-going development of anything here, but it might happen.

My stuff is offered with an ISC license. Steal everything but the credit. Other people's stuff is offered with their license. If there is no license, that means full copyright law applies.

Please feel free to send comments to "nick" at this domain. If your comments involve improvements that I could make, please include some way to credit you for those improvements -- i.e., a name you don't mind me showing the world.

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