Notes on the Accusys ACS 7500/75130 RAID box


The Accusys 7500 is a very nice IDE mirroring solution. Unlike more common IDE mirroring (RAID1) solutions, this is a real hardware RAID system, taking two conventional IDE drives and making them appear as a single IDE drive to software. This means the ACS 7500 is completely invisible to software. In fact, the system comes with NO software at all -- no drivers, nothing (actually, this has changed recently -- the things no longer come with a printed manual (boo) but now include software that can "manage" (or more accurately, monitor) the array). None are needed. Most operating systems and computers that can support standard IDE drives can use this box. In fact, if you simply apply power to the box, it is capable of being used as a stand-alone disk duplication system, no computer or operating system required.

Design and Operation Notes

Management software

As of October, 2005 (probably earlier), Accusys was shipping "management" and monitoring software with most of their products. While the information conveyed by this program is potentially useful (such as monitoring a machine in a remote office or data center), the application leaves a lot to be desired. Installed as intended for local monitoring, it requires the installation of a web server, Java and the use of a web browser. Sorry, based on the history of Microsoft's web server, I refuse to load it on a machine it does not need to be loaded on.

Further, my success with the SATA devices has been very poor -- the Accusys software could not detect an IDE interface to talk to the drive, my guess is that is due to hardware specific SATA drivers obscuring the interface to the application. However, they may also be aware of this problem. Curiously, the SATA versions of this application include the serial cable. Unfortunately, the machines I really wanted to put this in had other needs for their only serial port, so this also proved to be a problem.

I have some reason to believe it may be possible to monitor this device in other ways, other than the web browser and webserver.

Getting the Accusys products

The simple Accusys IDE/SATA products are no longer avaialble new, as far as I am aware, having been out of production since 2010 or earlier. Used products are out there. Buyer beware, of course.

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