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A long time ago, when I first started Holland Consulting, I intended to have a semi-regular newsletter. Not just as a marketing ploy in the guise of information, but also, well, honest info and advice. Well, since 1992, I've managed to send out only two Holland Consulting Newsletters (and to be honest, the business they generated was about as close to zero as I can measure).

Here, you will hopefully find a semi-useful "rolling" on-line newsletter, with new articles being added semi-regularly. Please feel free to send me feedback on these articles, using the contact info page.

Evaluating your needs added 8/18/2000

Service Contracts added 8/1/2001

Viruses and protecting yourself added 9/27/2001

Viruses II added 10/22/2003

Minimum system recommendations updated 7/4/2006


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