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As you can imagine, I get asked the same questions often...  That doesn't mean they are BAD questions, in fact, it often indicates they are GOOD questions that aren't properly addressed elsewhere.  Here are the answers to some of them.

Recycling a Check Point T110 for other purposes. Intel Atom 6x1Gb NICs in a small, low power box. (9/23/2023)

Using a 4k TV as a monitor big TVs are cheaper than big computer monitors...will they do the job? (a: yes!) 2/2/2023

Using SSH tunnels easy and very secure way to do VPN-like things. 4/18/2022

Windows 10 Installation Tips 4/22/2020

rsync notes especially --filter include/excludes.

Blocking Instant Messengers and File Swapping programs added 10/4/2003. Old content, needs updating, but what I was once told was a stupid, bad way of doing this is now being sold as a commerical service.

Notes on Michael Stella's dhcp_dns added 11/25/2006. Needs updating. Not so useful as-is, as few use DJBDNS anymore, but can be (and I have) modified for nsd, bind, etc.

Old PC revival info It has come to my attention that some people are actually putting old PCs back into service for (hopefully) entertainment purposes. As someone who has been in the computer business a very long time, I've seen a lot of people struggle with stuff that they haven't delt with -- like floppy drives. So I'm starting to do a bit of a brain dump into here.

Most of the following is for historic purposes only. I'm not even sure what those historic purposes are, except some of the info just isn't elsewhere that I'm aware of.

Guide to Windows 9x installation

Guide to making Ameritech provided DSL routers useful Updated 1/4/2003

Disabling the Win9x Login added 11/25/2001

Comments and Notes on the Accusys 7500 IDE mirroring box updated 7/4/2006

Comments and Notes on the Accusys 76130 SATA RAID5 box updated 7/4/2006

Comments and Notes on the Accusys 75170 SATA mirroring box updated 7/4/2006

Daylight Savings Time change for Windows 2000 added 3/29/2007 (yeah, late, but hey, I know it works!)

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