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As you can imagine, I get asked the same questions often...  That doesn't mean they are BAD questions, in fact, it often indicates they are GOOD questions that aren't properly addressed elsewhere.  Here are the answers to some of them.

Windows 10 Installation Tips 4/22/2020

Guide to Windows 9x installation

Guide to TCP/IP Concepts and Troubleshooting

Guide to using the SMC8216 NIC with GNATbox Updated 11/24/2000 for GB v3.11

Guide to making Ameritech provided DSL routers useful Updated 1/4/2003

Commonly Encountered Problems in OpenBSD Updated 9/25/2001

Disabling the Win9x Login added 11/25/2001

Using MP3s with OpenBSD added 2/5/2003

Blocking Instant Messengers and File Swapping programs added 10/4/2003

Comments and Notes on the Accusys 7500 IDE mirroring box updated 7/4/2006

Comments and Notes on the Accusys 76130 SATA RAID5 box updated 7/4/2006

Comments and Notes on the Accusys 75170 SATA mirroring box updated 7/4/2006

Notes on Michael Stella's dhcp_dns added 11/25/2006

Daylight Savings Time change for Windows 2000 added 3/29/2007 (yeah, late, but hey, I know it works!)

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