Notes on the Accusys ACS 75170 RAID box


The ACS75170 is the SATA version of the already reviewed ACS7500. As they are very similar in many respects, only the differences between the ACS7500 and the ACS75170 will be discussed here.

Design and Operation Notes

Real world recovery

My employeer recently deployed about 20 of these boxes to our branch offices recently. Our results so far: three disk failures, and very good results from the Accusys boxes. The disks we are deploying were some brand-new 300G drives, and not unexpectedly, they have started failing. One drive caused us some weird problems, in that it apparently would start massive retries on reading data until it finally did succeed in a good read, so the Accusys box didn't "fail" the drive, and the system performance was absolutely horrible. However, the Accusys box made it very clear which drive was being waited for, so unlocking that drive caused the system to "perk up" to full speed, and ran fine until we replaced the disk.

The other two, however, were simple "Drive goes bad, Accusys box starts beeping, users keep working, replace drive and system remirrors" just the way it should be.

One thing we did discover is that our primary app for these things is so horribly disk intensive (massive thrashing across a 70+G database) that the performance during remirror was basically unusable. So, what we do after a disk failure is ship them a new disk in an Accusys carrier Next Day Air, and they insert it just before going home for the evening.

User response has been fairly positive -- we have had no problem walking people through the replacement process over the phone (granted, we do ship out the drive IN the carrier), but the response at the branches has always been, "That's it??". Yep.

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