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Holland Consulting was the computer support, networking and computer security company of Nick Holland, a member of the small computer industry since 1982.

In 2005, Holland Consulting stopped actively operating for customers, this website remains as a soapbox for Nick to rant and guide others in the computer world.

"My goal is to make computers like telephones. No one cares what brand
the phone on their desk is. They pick it up, use it, hang up. They
should just work and let people get on with their work they have to do."
-- Nick Holland, 1988.

"Computers are now like phones. Unfortunately, the phones came
to the computers. They crash. They are unreliable. They often barely
work as phones. They need constant updating, but none of that matters if
you have the right brand phone."

-- Nick Holland, 2007
... and this may have a lot to do with why I am no longer running my own business

The REAL "five-nines" of IT:

(Stolen from a friend of mine...and this may also have a lot to do with why I am no longer running my own business

Newer stuff:

Tech Guides

Check the dates...not everything is to be considered relevant in today's world! Old Holland Consulting stuff.
A number of people have told me over the years that they really respected my business practices and philosophy, even after I shut down, and some have been amused or inspired by how I described my business. So, I offer these old pages for those that are interested. But before assuming I was some kind of business genious, keep in mind I shut down due to lack of new customers.

E-mail nick@holland-consulting.net ("HEY! You should know better than to put your e-mail on-line in an easy form like that!" Believe me, after having this domain for around 20 years now, every spammer and scammer in the world knows me)

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